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Ableton Live 7: Get acquainted with Live 7’s new way to create drum setups

October 23, 2008

1. Select a MIDI Track.


2. In the Browser, click on the Live Devices button. Unfold the Instruments folder, select Drum Rack, and drag it into the “drop zone” section of the Track View Selector.


3. Use the Drum Rack note selector to show the full range of notes where you can assign drums.


4. In the Browser, locate the hits you want to collect into a drum kit. Drag the desired hits from the Browser into the Drum Rack device (one hit per “pad”).


5. If a MIDI clip doesn’t yet exist, doubleclick on a MIDI clip slot (not the slot’s Record button), then program the desired drum part within the MIDI Clip Overview. If you want to work with an existing MIDI clip, single-click on its clip slot.



6. You can adjust rack chain parameters (volume, pan, MIDI note receive and play, choke for drum groups, solo, etc.) in the Chain List in the Track View Selector (click on the button shown circled in red), or the Session View Overview (click on the button shown circled in blue at the top of the “parent” drum track to “unfold” the additional mixer channels).


7. To edit an instrument’s sound, click on the Track View Selector, then click on the “pad” with the instrument you want to edit. In the “mini toolbar” toward the left, under the Device Title Bar, enable Show/Hide Devices to see the drum sound parameters for editing.




¦ In step 7, if you hide Macro Controls and Chain List (these are hidden in the screen shot), you can see more of the instrument editor without having to scroll in the Track View Selector. ¦ To save the current Drum Rack, click on the save button (floppy disk icon) toward the right side of the Drum Rack’s Device Title Bar. ¦ Drum Racks have their own sends and return chains. In the “mini toolbar” toward the left, under the Device Title Bar, click on the Show/Hide Sends and Show/Hide Return Chains to see these. To create a return chain, simply drag an effect into the space indicated when showing Return Chains.

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