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Ableton Releases Live 7, New Add-on Instruments, and Ableton Suite

November 29, 2007
screenshot image of Live 7 session

Ableton Live 7, Ableton Suite, and new add-on instruments are now available!

Version 7 of the digital audio sequencing software offers plenty of new features: an audio engine with 64-bit mix summing, POW-r dithering, and optimized sample rate conversion; a new compressor device that has three compression models; sidechaining capability for Compressor, Gate, and Auto Filter; added modes for Operator, Dynamic Tube, and Saturator for anti-aliased processing and reducing common digital artifacts; 64-bit mode and a better interface for EQ Eight; the Spectrum analyzer for visual feedback for audio signals within Live; a reworked MIDI engine for reduced jitter; streamlined hardware integration (hardware synths and effects can be inserted into device chains in the same way as software plug-ins); memory management technology that allows you to run many instruments at the same time; new helpful audio and MIDI fact sheets; and the new Drum Rack that allows for drag-and-drop beat production and more.

In addition, time signature changes can be inserted in the Arrangement timeline and tied to Session scenes; both warped and unwarped video can be exported to files; REX files can be dragged and dropped; the “tempo nudge” function makes it easier to sync to live music; and multiple automation lanes per track can be displayed and edited at the same time.

photo of Live 7 box

The new add-on Ableton instruments are Tension (physical-modeled string synthesizer), Electric (physical-modeled electric pianos), Analog (physical-modeled vintage analog synthesizers), Session Drums (acoustic drums), Drum Machines (sampled classic drum machines), and Essential Instrument Collection 2 (a selection of instruments, including acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, bass, drums, orchestral strings, brass, and woodwinds). Visit Ableton's Web site for information about each instrument and pricing.

Ableton Suite combines Live 7 and a certain selection of Ableton instruments. The download version of Ableton Suite includes Live 7, Sampler, Operator, Electric, Analog, Tension, and Drum Machines. The boxed version includes the Essential Instrument Collection 2 and Session Drums.

Since pricing varies according to which version you are upgrading from, please check out Ableton's Web site for the prices that apply to you.

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