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Adam Audio Announces A5 and Sub7

March 20, 2008

Adam Audio has added the A5 powered monitor (starting at $699 per pair) to its line of A Series monitors, as well as the Sub7 compact subwoofer.

A5 monitors

The A5—which is a smaller version of the A7—can be used either in stereo or to fill out a 5.1 surround system. The compact monitors are powered by 2 x 25W onboard amplifiers and combine Adam's ART (Accelerated Ribbon Technology) folded ribbon tweeter with a 5-inch woofer constructed of a carbon fiber and Rohacell sandwich. On the front of the A5 are dual ports, metal grills, and power and gain controls. The rear panel has balanced XLR jacks, unbalanced RCA jacks, and Stereolink technology. Stereolink connects speakers with input and output jacks, thus allowing you to control the overall volume of the system from any one speaker's gain control.

The A5 comes in either a traditional matte black ($699 per pair) or a glossy piano finish in black or white ($769 per pair). According to the manufacturer, these monitors are ideal for audio recording applications, mobile and broadcast applications, desktop recording, and multimedia uses such as gaming and home audio.

In addition to the A5, Adam has also announced the Sub7 ($479 matte black, $529 glossy black/white), a compact subwoofer designed to complement the A5. The Sub7 is capable of extending the frequency reproduction of the A5 down to 30 Hz (without the Sub7, the A5's frequency response goes down 55 Hz). XLR and RCA inputs and controls allow the system to be fine-tuned to any listening environment. Also, the Sub7 comes with a wireless remote control for adjusting the volume and crossover frequency.

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