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AES 2010 Wrap-Up

November 16, 2010


By Sarah Jones


Here in San Francisco, the city has been buzzing for the past week. The excitement kicked off with Giants fever, then a dramatic election day, and—for us gear hounds, at least—capped off with the AES show, which ran Thursday through Sunday at the Moscone convention center.

And what a great show! For the first time in a while, it felt like the industry is on a real upswing. In general, the vibe seemed to be that everyone is still facing economic challenges, but the mood was certainly more upbeat than at the past couple of shows. We saw tons of amazing new product debuts, and though the booths were certainly smaller this year, it seemed like everybody was at least there. Foot traffic was heavy—latest count is around 14,000—and the panel programs were packed. In our era of virtual communication, it's encouraging to witness the fact that everyone still recognizes how crucial real, human face-to-face networking is, and this AES was an awesome opportunity to interact directly with the pros at the top, as well as connect with colleagues and friends.

I know, I know, just get to the gear...

There were hundreds of product debuts at the show, some of which were real game-changers. The biggest news was certainly the release of Pro Tools 9, which has been blown wide open with Core Audio and ASIO support, which opens up a universe of hardware possibilities. But we saw innovations all over the place, from some amazing-sounding old-meets-new ribbon mics to an interesting custom analog console designed by a noted producer.

Here at the mags, we've sorted through hours of video footage and piles of notes to put together our reports on the latest, greatest audio gear from the show. Read about gear trends HERE, and check out more than 30 video clips HERE.

Were you at the show? Tell us what you thought...we'd love to hear from you!

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