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Alesis Ships Surge Cymbals

December 17, 2008
hi hat

Alesis is now shipping its Surge-Series Cymbals. Crafted from lathed brass cymbal alloy with a clear vinyl layer, Surge Cymbals feature integrated piezo triggers in rugged ABS housings. According to the manufacturer, they have an acoustic-cymbal look, feel, and response with the added benefit of electronic-sound module flexibility.

Surge Cymbals are available in two complete sets and five individual models. The Surge Cymbal Pack, contains a Surge 12-inch Hi-Hat Cymbal, a Surge 13-inch Crash Cymbal, a 16-inch Dual-Zone Ride Cymbal, and connection cables. The Surge Cymbal Pack includes a Surge 12-inch Hi-Hat Cymbal, a Surge 13-inch Crash Cymbal with choke capability, a 16-inch Dual-Zone Ride Cymbal with choke capability, and connection cables.

The models designated "with choke" have a large strip on their underside, which sends a message to the connected sound module to stop the associated sound that is playing. The Surge 12-inch Hi-Hat Cymbal, Surge 13-inch Crash Cymbals with and without choke, and the Surge 16-inch Dual-Zone Ride Cymbals with and without choke are each available separately, with the necessary connection cables.

Surge Cymbals are compatible with most drum-sound modules and just about any cymbal stand or mounting system for use with electronic and acoustic drum sets.

Pricing is as follows: Surge 12-inch Hi- Hat Cymbal ($199), Surge 13-inch Crash Cymbal ($249), Surge 13-inch Crash Cymbal with Choke ($299), Surge 16-inch Dual- Zone Ride Cymbal ($349), Surge 16-inch Dual- Zone Ride Cymbal with Choke ($399), Surge Cymbal Pack ($579).

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