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Apple Logic Pro 8: Use Logic Pro 8 as a ReWire host

February 1, 2009


1. Open Logic Pro 8. If you’re starting with an Empty project, a dialog box opens automatically where you can create an External MIDI track. Otherwise, for an existing project, go Track tab > New and in the dialog box that appears, select External MIDI and click on Create (see Step 5).

 /uploadedImages/eqmagazine/Power_App_Alley/Fig1_Create Track.jpg


2. Double-click on the ReWire app’s entry in the Library to launch the ReWired client program (this example shows Reason being selected).

 /uploadedImages/eqmagazine/Power_App_Alley/Fig2_Doubleclick reason.jpg


3. In the Library, click on the ReWired program’s component that you want to assign to the track you created in Logic.

/uploadedImages/eqmagazine/Power_App_Alley/Fig3_Select instrument.jpg

4. The instrument you clicked on appears in the track.

/uploadedImages/eqmagazine/Power_App_Alley/Fig4_Instrument appears.jpg

5. To stream audio from additional components of the ReWired program, create another External MIDI track by going Track tab > New, selecting External MIDI, and clicking on Create.

/uploadedImages/eqmagazine/Power_App_Alley/Fig5_Create New Track.jpg

6. Repeat Steps 3–5 to continue adding instruments. The ReWired application and Logic Pro will now run in tandem—they start/stop at the same time, and MIDI data sent to the track in Logic can be passed along to the ReWired application.

/uploadedImages/eqmagazine/Power_App_Alley/Fig6_Add more instruments.jpg


- The screen shot in Step 1 shows the dialog box that appears when you first open a new project.
- In Step 5, as well as Step 1, you can create several tracks simultaneously by entering the desired number of tracks in the number field. However, you will probably need to select the track (click on it) when you want to assign a ReWired client’s component.
- When closing a session, close the ReWired program first, then close Logic.

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