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December 1, 2010

Save presets and data from external MIDI gear using Pro Tools

OBJECTIVE: Restore the status (presets, etc.) of external MIDI gear to the way it was when you recorded a project.
BACKGROUND: You can store preset data from most external MIDI gear as MIDI System Exclusive (Sys Ex) data within a Pro Tools MIDI track. Playing back this track through Pro Tools’ MIDI out to the gear’s MIDI in restores the gear’s settings embodied in the Sys Ex. The following assumes the external gear’s MIDI out connects to Pro Tools’ MIDI in, and tells how to transfer Sys Ex data to Pro Tools.

1_nr_001 In Pro Tools, go Setup > MIDI > Input Filter, then check “Only” and “System Exclusive.”












2_nr_002 Go Track > New and create a MIDI track.





3_nr_003 Select “All” for the track MIDI input, and also enable Record.






4_nr_004 In the Transport, right-click on the Record button and select “Normal” (recording).






5_nr_005 Prepare your MIDI device to send Sys Ex. Click on Pro Tools’ Record button in the transport, then click on Play and initiate the Sys Ex dump at the MIDI device. When the dump is finished, stop Pro Tools.





6_nr_006 To see the blocks of Sys Ex, select “sysex” with the Track View Selector.












• Step 5: In the Transport, if you click on Return to Zero and Wait for Note, initiating the Sys Ex dump will cause the recording to start at the very beginning of the track.
• When using Eleven Rack’s physical MIDI connectors as a MIDI interface, check “External” under Setup > MIDI > Input Devices.

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