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Avid Pro Tools LE: Re-Amping Using Eleven Rack

October 1, 2010

Re-amp tracks using Avid’s Eleven Rack interface

OBJECTIVE: Take existing tracks, especially (but not only) guitar, and process them through different amp and processor settings using Avid’s Eleven Rack guitar processor.

BACKGROUND: Can’t decide which guitar sound would be best for a song? Record the part dry, then send it through different processors on playback until you find the sound you want—a technique called re-amping. Note: The following assumes that you selected “Eleven Rack” for I/O when creating a new project.

1_SelectInput1 In the Eleven plug-in’s Rig Input drop-down menu, select Re-Amp.











2_TrackOutput2 Select a mono track for re-amping, then for its output, choose Interface > ReAmpL.








3_NewTrackInput3 Go Track > New and create a new stereo track. Then, for the input selection, choose Interface > Eleven Rig L/R (Stereo).






4_MonitorTrack4 Select the new stereo track, recordenable it, and go Track > Auto Input Monitoring. This lets you hear the original track being re-amped through Eleven.












5_ChooseRig5 While the original track plays, edit Eleven Rack for the desired sound.







6_Record6 Start recording into the new stereo track, which will now contain the re-amped sound.







• Consider recording into two tracks initially—one through processors so you can play your part with the right “vibe,” and the other one dry in case you want to re-amp later.
• Step 2: Stereo tracks cannot be re-amped through Eleven Rack.
• Step 2: It’s also possible to create a Send that goes to the Eleven Rack input.

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