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Berkleemusic Pro Tools: Virtual Instruments and Effects Course

February 18, 2010

Based on the release of Pro Tools 8, which contains six new virtual instruments and 20 new effects, this Berkleemusic course, taught by David Franz, will teach students how to play these new instruments: what each parameter in each instrument and effect can do, how they work in concert with each other, how to design sounds based on those parameters, how to be more creative with the effects and instruments in Pro Tools, and how to improve the overall sound of your musical productions.

The first six weeks of the course cover each of the six new virtual instruments in Pro Tools: Boom, Vacuum, DB-33, XPand! 2, Structure Free and Mini Grand. The second six weeks focus on how to use effects plug-ins by category: EQ and filters, dynamics processing, delay and modulation, reverb, and harmonic/distortion effects, as well as pitch shift, time shift, stereo width phase scope and dither. Students will work on weekly projects that build to create several larger projects and, by the end of the course, will have created several pieces of music using the virtual instruments and effects in Pro Tools.

Students will also learn background information about each instrument and effect, and listen to examples of how they are properly used.

Professional producer, engineer, musician and expert Pro Tools user, Franz collaborated with Digidesign and Berklee College of Music to write the first book about using Pro Tools, Producing in the Home Studio With Pro Tools. Working mainly from his commercial studio, Underground Sun Studio in Venice, Calif., Franz has worked with many musical artists from all over the globe in almost every genre of music. In addition to producing music for other artists, Franz is also a composer, writing music for film, TV, and corporate clients, as well as a performing musician.

The class begins April 5, 2010. Find out more about this new course.

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