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BIAS Ships Peak Pro 6

March 13, 2008
image of Peak Pro 6

BIAS, Inc. is shipping Peak Pro 6 (Mac; $599) audio editing, processing, mastering, and delivery software. New features for this version include advanced playlist editing and mastering; DSP sound design; improved editing and delivery; a better user interface; and more.

The Peak Pro 6 playlist now offers customizable real-time volume envelopes, sample level zooming and editing, overlap/gap or centered crossfades, and navigation and audition controls. These features are in addition to the Peak Pro 5 playlist functions, which included CD-TEXT, PQ editing, ISRC codes, and a DDP export option. You can use Peak Pro 6 to prepare files in various formats and export them directly to most popular applications like iTunes.

Version 6 also adds more DSP processing, editing, and sound design features. The new processing tools include Perpetual Looper, a tool that provides "beat free" sustained loops of single-line instrument samples; Pitch Envelope, which lets you control pitch changes with a customizable envelope; Convolve Envelope, which gives dynamic control over the amount of convolution being applied over time; and Voiceover Ducking, which analyzes the amplitude of a voiceover and adjusts the volume of mixed background source.

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