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BIAS SoundSoap Pro 2

April 22, 2009

This upgrade to the professional audio noise-reduction and restoration software plug-in for Mac and Windows operating systems combines four powerful restoration tools: broadband noise reduction; click and crackle removal; hum removal; and a noise gate.

The broadband noise reduction is enhanced in Version 2 by new adaptive noise-reduction (ANR) algorithms from BIAS. Instead of navigating through a noisy file to find an area of isolated noise to learn, users can take advantage of the advanced algorithms of SoundSoap Pro 2 to automatically extract a noise profile where previously impossible. The noise profile can also be automatically re-learned dynamically.

SoundSoap Pro's approach to multiband noise reduction focuses on speed, usability, and performance. SoundSoap Pro groups 512 frequency bands into 12 discrete threshold and reduction sliders. The sliders may be grouped with a Lock button, and 12 vibrant level meters assist in threshold adjustments. Users can choose between two traditional noise profile learning options—snapshot and timed—and new ANR options for automated dynamic noise profile analysis.

SoundSoap Pro 2 is designed for every major plug-in host on Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista. The roster includes Peak (VST/Audio Units), Pro Tools (RTAS/AS), Logic/SoundTrack/GarageBand/Digital Performer (Audio Units), Nuendo/Cubase (VST), SONAR (VST), Audition (VST), and many other compatible hosts.

BIAS SoundSoap Pro 2 will be available in late Q2 for a suggested retail price of $599 U.S. Original SoundSoap Pro customers will be able to upgrade to SoundSoap Pro 2 when available for a nominal fee to be announced upon release. Customers purchasing new retail editions of SoundSoap Pro from April 15, 2009, will be eligible to receive a free downloadable upgrade to SoundSoap Pro 2 when available. SoundSoap Pro is also included as part of the Peak Pro XT 6 bundle from BIAS. Through the end of Q2 2009, customers purchasing new retail editions of the current version of SoundSoap Pro may take advantage of a special promotion and receive a free downloadable edition of the BIAS Master Perfection Suite.

Find out more information about SoundSoap Pro.

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