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Big Fish Audio Distributes Ignition Virtual Instruments

January 23, 2004

Big Fish Audio is distributing eLAB's Ignition Virtual Instrument(V.I.) series (Mac/Win), which are 8-track Rex2 players with a DVD fullof loops and samples geared toward specific styles of music. The firstrelease, Obsession, is designed for R&B, hip hop, and popproductions.

Kick, snare, hi-hat, and other instruments are presented asindividual tracks within Ignition V.I. The interface offers real-timecontrol over each of the instruments, including tuning, envelopes, andfilter settings. A modulation matrix is also available for eachinstrument. The manufacturer says that loading times are fast, even forlarge, complex multi patches, and users will be able to import theirown Rex2 files into the engine. VST and Audio Units versions ofIgnition V.I. are included in the package. (

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