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December 1, 2000

Getting sampled grooves to match an ideal tempo can be problematic. To solve this, BitHeadz has created Tempo Tantrum ($199), which lets you alter the tempo of loops without changing their pitch. The package includes the Unity DS-1 sample-playback engine, more than 200 MB of stereo drum loops recorded with a live drummer, and an assortment of bass lines.

An Oscillator Stretching feature takes advantage of time-sliced samples, allowing loop tempos to be modulated with the Unity DS-1's Oscillator Speed control or with assignable MIDI controller messages. Tempo Tantrum loops can be played in BitHeadz's Phrazer loop sequencing program with the same time-slice advantages.

Tempo Tantrum is optimized for Macintosh G4 and Pentium III/4 processors and supports OMS, FreeMIDI, ASIO, Direct I/O, DirectConnect, MAS 2.0, ReWire, DirectSound, and Sound Manager. Mac users will need at least a 603e Power PC/200, 128 MB of RAM, and Mac OS 7.61 or better. PC users will need a Pentium ll/200 processor, Windows 95 or higher, and a sound card that supports DirectSound or ASIO. BitHeadz; tel. (831) 465-9898; fax (831) 465-9899; e-mail; Web

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