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Cakewalk Sonar 8: Use the new Simple Instrument track option to streamline workflow

April 1, 2009


1. Go Insert > Soft Synths, then click on the soft synth you want to open.


2. Check the “Simple Instrument Track” box. If you want the synth GUI to open when you insert the instrument, also check “Synth Property Page.” Then click on “OK.”


3. The Track appears, with the default name being the instrument you inserted (in the screenshot MIDI parameters are highlighted in red; other parameters, including Mute and Solo, are audio parameters). Pull the bottom track splitter line down to reveal all available parameters. The screenshot also shows PRV (in-line MIDI editing) enabled.


4. Use the (I)nput drop-down menu to select the MIDI input (e.g., keyboard controller).

/uploadedImages/eqmagazine/Power_App_Alley/4_ChooseMIDI Input.jpg

5. Use the (O)utput drop-down menu to select the audio output (e.g., Master bus).


6. Because the MIDI and audio tracks have been condensed into one, some features of individual tracks are not available. For example, Volume and Pan affect audio, not MIDI. Also, the FX bin accepts only audio effects, not MIDI effects. To split the Instrument track into separate Audio and MIDI tracks, right-click in the track’s title bar and select “Split Instrument Track.”


7. Because the Simple Instrument Track outputs audio, you can add sends and do read/write automation as you would with standard audio tracks. To add a send, rightclick on a blank space in the track, select “Insert Send,” then click on the desired send.



-If a soft synth has separate MIDI and audio tracks assigned to it, you can convert it into a Simple Instrument Track. Select the audio and MIDI track, then right-click on one of the tracks and select “Make Instrument Track.” You can also use this technique to “unsplit” an instrument track that you split, as described in Step 6.
-If you export or bounce a Simple Instrument Track, the MIDI data will feed the instrument during the bounce and generate the audio—as if the track was frozen.

















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