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Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio: Hardware Controller Tips

September 1, 2010

OBJECTIVE: Provide hands-on control for Sonar Home Studio using any Mackie Control-compatible device.

BACKGROUND: Various controllers can emulate the Mackie Control protocol, and many DAWs, including Sonar Home Studio, recognize Mackie-compatible controllers. These controllers connect via MIDI, which may be physical 5-pin DIN connectors or USB over MIDI. Make these connections before proceeding; this example uses the Behringer BCF2000 motorized fader box.

Sonar_11. Go Options > MIDI Devices. Check the boxes corresponding to the MIDI in/out ports that connect to your controller, then click on “OK.”










Sonar_22. Go Options > Controllers/Surfaces, then click on the “Add New Controller/Surface” button.




Sonar_33. From the pop-up menu, select your supported control surface in the Control Surface field (in this case, Mackie Control).











Sonar_44. Open the Input Port and Output Port pop-up menus, then choose the appropriate MIDI ports for the controller that you selected in Step 3.









Sonar_55. Click on the Controller/Surface Settings “OK” button, then the Controllers/Surfaces “Close” button. Now you can control Sonar Home Studio with your Mackie Control or Mackie Control-compatible device.


· To set the BCF2000 to Mackie Control mode, with the BCF2000 powered off, hold down the fourth button from the left in the top row of buttons (below the Val 1 knob), and power on the BCF2000. Keep holding the button down until the display shows “MCSo.” If the display shows “EG” when you release the button, press the BCF2000 “Exit” button.

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