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Cakewalk Sonar X1

January 1, 2011

Simplify track processing with FX chains

OBJECTIVE: Create “virtual racks” of effects plug-ins, called FX Chains, so you can save and load groups of effects.

BACKGROUND: Sonar allows for creating track presets, which can contain multiple pre-loaded effects. However, until Sonar X1 introduced FX chains, you couldn’t save or load the combination of effects themselves separately from the track.

1_OpenBrowser.jpg1 Go View > Browser, click on the Plug-Ins tab, then click on the Audio FX button.







2_Drag-FX-into-Bin.jpg2 Decide on the effects you want in the FX chain, then drag them from the Browser into a track effects bin.







3_CreateFX-Chain.jpg3 Right-click anywhere in the effects bin (including on an effect), then select “Save FX Chain Preset.”








4_Save-Chain.jpg4 After naming the effects chain, save it into the FX Chain Presets folder.








5_LoadFX-Chain.jpg5 To load the FX Chain Preset into a different track, right-click in the track’s FX bin and select “Load FX Chain Preset.”











6_ExtractEffects.jpg6 The FX Chain Preset loads as a single entity, but to extract the individual effects, right-click on the effects bin and select “Extract FX Chain Plugins.”








• Step 3: It’s not necessary to save to create a chain; you can create a chain temporarily by selecting “Convert Bin to FX Chain” instead of “Save FX Chain Preset.”
• Step 6: When you recall an FX Chain, the effects parameter values are the same as when you saved the chain.

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