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Celemony Announces New Versions of Melodyne

September 22, 2009

Celemony Software GmbH has announced two new products: Melodyne Assistant and Melodyne Essential version 2. Melodyne Assistant offers Melodyne technology for editing vocals and monophonic instruments in a more affordable yet improved format. The bundle edition Melodyne Essential version 2 now runs directly as an RTAS plug-in in Pro Tools and features numerous improvements over the previous version. Both products are expected in early November.

Melodyne Assistant ($249) is designed for correcting and optimizing monophonic and rhythmic audio material. It lets you correct intonation or timing problems by hand, transposing notes, moving them forwards or backwards in time, deleting them, adjusting their amplitude and formants, and copying them to new locations. Melodyne Assistant works as a plug-in for compatible hosts, and it also runs as a stand-alone application.

Version 2 of Melodyne Essential offers basic Melodyne functions for editing monophonic or rhythmic audio material. It is intuitive and simple to operate, and it delivers the same sound quality as the new Melodyne Editor and Melodyne Assistant. It is part of Digidesign''s Ignition Pack bundle and will not be available separately. The upgrade will cost $59, but you can get it for free if you registered later than June 1, 2009.

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