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Craig’s List – Five Product Reviewer-Speak Lines Translated

June 25, 2012

A few product reviewers out there have their own nuanced way of saying things, so here are the translations for those not familiar with this unique language. 

“The software installed painlessly, and I was up and running in minutes.”
Hey, this reading the manual thing really works!

“Referring to the screen shot . . .”
Yes, it’s the one from the manufacturer’s website. After all, it’s so freakishly difficult to hit the “print screen” button on Windows computers, or use the Mac “grab” tool.
“These speakers revealed aspects of the music I’d never heard before in any other speaker!”
I haven’t figured out yet that different speakers have different frequency responses, which would tend to . . . reveal aspects of the music I’d never heard before in other speakers.

“Although the documentation was not available in an English version, the user interface was easy enough to figure out.”
Wait a minute! That was the English-language version of the manual? Oooops. Sorry!

“This is one unit that’s going to be really hard to send back to the manufacturer.”
Come to think of it, technically speaking, it’s now secondhand . . . hmm, I wonder if I can buy it for dealer cost?

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