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Craig’s List – Five Ways to Re-Use CDs

September 17, 2013
 Microwaving: Perform at your own risk.
With the decline of physical media, what will we do with these discs? Here’s what!

1 Microwave awesomeness. Ever put a CD in a microwave oven on high for five seconds? Well, don’t! It could damage the oven and cause serious safety issues. So just take my word for it: It’s awesome.

2 Roofing tiles. I know someone who successfully re-tiled a roof using the CDs that AOL sent out every 2.756 minutes back in the ’90s, and it’s still around today. The roof, I mean.

3 Personal defense. The bad guy is coming toward you! Quick—whip out your CD, and reflect light off it into your attacker’s eyes. While he’s temporarily blinded, make your escape! Well, unless it’s night. Or the sun isn’t behind him. But in that case, he still might die from laughter from someone trying to stop him with a CD.

4 Superlative cat toy. A CD makes a simply marvelous cat toy. Then again, I can’t think of anything that doesn’t make a marvelous cat toy. Except maybe for raccoons and swimming pools, but that’s about it.

5 Listen to music. I’ve been told you can download CDs from the Internet! But when I do, all that happens is files get written to my hard drive. Maybe I need a 3D printer for this to work properly.

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