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Craig's List: Five Totally Pointless Audio Forum Arguments

January 1, 2012
Craig's List: Five Totally Pointless Audio Forum Arguments image

Sure, Internet music forums can be great fun. But avoid these totally pointless arguments, and you''ll be able to spend more time making actual music instead of talking about its technological support system.

1: Mac vs. PC.
Okay, so the operating systems are a little different . . . but if the first thing you do when you turn on a computer isn''t leaving the operating system as soon as possible and opening your program of choice, I highly recommend Computers for Dummies.

2: Virtual analog vs. analog synths.
Is it really analog, or does it just sound analog or is it really a digital synth that has some analog or an analog synth with digital control or . . . for chrissakes, stop! The question isn''t virtual analog vs. analog. The question is, “Hey, do you like how it sounds?”

3: Amp sims vs. tube amps.
Fact 1: An amp sim can''t sound and feel exactly/completely/totally like an amp/cab combination. Fact 2: A tube amp can''t do all the things an amp sim can do. Fact 3: People with ears so good they put dogs and bats to shame often can''t tell the difference between a virtual amp and physical amp on playback. Fact 4: Your listeners couldn''t care less.

4: Tape vs. digital recording.
Tape is a signal processor. If you like that sound, you like tape. If you don''t like that sound, you don''t like tape. If you think digital recording sounds nasty . . . you know, you really should consider replacing that blackface ADAT. Just sayin.''

5: Winning vs. losing the loudness wars.
Either engineers are going to try to win the loudness wars or they aren''t, and there''s nothing you can do about it. Consumers will vote with their wallets—and if they don''t like music that pretends that CDs have a 12dB dynamic range, they won''t buy it. Oh wait, that''s right . . . they aren''t buying it.

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