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Cycling '74 Releases Mode 1.0

April 27, 2004

Cycling '74 has released Mode 1.0 (Mac OS X; $199), a suite of plug-ins designed by CreativeSynth Development. The bundle features three instruments and two effects units for VST, Audio Units, and RTAS host applications. An additional 18 plug-in submodules extend the package with effects, parameter modulators, and CPU-saving mini-instruments.

The plug-ins include Bang, which is a single-voice percussion module that combines sample playback, FM synthesis, and analog modeling drum synthesis.

Mono is a monophonic synthesizer that combines the ease-of-use and filter effects of an analog synthesizer with the control and clarity of an FM engine.

Poly is a polyphonic synthesizer loosely based on classic DCO synths. Poly uses waveforms sampled from some of the most popular vintage digital and analog instruments and features a polyphonic arpeggiator.

Spin is a rhythm-based effects processor that features a state-variable filter, panning effects, rhythmic gating, delay, distortion, and bit-reduction.

Wash is a unique effects processor built around an interconnected network of six fully-controllable recirculating delay lines. Wash is an instrument in its own right, capable of simple multi-tap delay textures to hour-long walls of morphing feedback.

The additional 18 submodule plug-ins take the effects, performance controls, and instrument sections of the five larger devices and provide them as stand-alone plug-ins. This allows you to mix and match sound creation, modulation, filtering, and effects plug-ins. For more information, visit

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