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Dave Smith Instruments Announces Prophet ''08 Pot Edition

May 27, 2009
Prophet '08 PE

Dave Smith Instruments has introduced the Prophet ''08 Pot Edition ($2,309 MSRP), a new version of the Prophet ''08 with vintage-style controls. According to the manufacturer, to appease the customers that prefer potentiometers (pots) like those used on the vintage Prophets, the Prophet ''08 Pot Edition offers an alternative to the previous edition, with 38 of the 52 front-panel parameters controlled by pots. Rotary encoders are still used for the remainder of the controls. See the company Web site for a full list of parameters and their control type.

The old-school style unit features three edit modes for the pots: Relative, Passthru and Jump. In Relative mode, the value change is relative to the preset value; in Passthru mode, turning the pot has no effect until after the edited value equals the preset value; while Jump mode uses an absolute value based upon the position of the pot when edited.

The Prophet ''08 PE is available now. Check for more information and updates.

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