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Dig My Rig, April 2013

March 19, 2013

At the heart of my studio are two linked Presonus FireStudio Projects into a 15" MacBook Pro i7 with Logic Pro. I monitor with an old trusty pair of Design Acoustic PS-10s. For headphones, I use a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770s and a Behringer 4-channel headphone amp.

Electronic instruments include a Studiologic 88- key MIDI controller, an Alesis DM-10 drum kit, a Korg microKORG, a Korg Wavedrum Oriental, and an Alesis ioDock for accessing software synths that live on the iPad.

For most electric guitar recording, there’s a Marshall Haze 40-amp or a Vox 15-watt Night Train through a single 12" Celestion speaker cab. I also record guitar using a Brian Moore iGuitar 91.13 with Piezo, USB, and 13 PIN Roland interface, which is often connected to a Roland GR-55 guitar synth.

With outboard signal processing, I get a ton of use from Eventide stompboxes. Additionally, I use a Boomerang III phrase sampler and a Digitech Jamman Delay for looping, and a Zoom B3 for bass processing.

When it comes to mics, I almost always use an MXL Genesis for voice. Other mics include Audix F-15, CAD Trion 7000, MXL v69, a pair of MXL 603s, and a couple of Shure SM57s and 58s.


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