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Dig My Rig, January 2012

January 1, 2012
Marq Speck

Marq Speck

For more than 35 years I''ve been the keyboardist/vocalist for the Detroit-area award-winning band Sweet Crystal. My three-tier Ultimate Support stand includes:

Top: M-Audio Oxygen49 MIDI Controller (triggering MiniMonsta, Pianoteq, and AAS Ultra Analog software synths)
Mid: Korg KARMA
Lower: Hammond XK1 organ run through a Ventilator Leslie pedal

On the XK1 is a wireless Apple keyboard for triggering samples and tracks on a MacBook running Digital Performer 5. Also seen is a Korg Nano Control that I use to mix certain recorded aspects of the live show.

All keyboards are MIDI-ed together through a MOTU Micro Lite interface, and audio I/O is handled by a MOTU Ultra Lite MkII Firewire interface. Not seen in the rack next to me is a KORG Wavestation SR module, a 5-channel GRM passive direct box unit, and a Monster Power PRO2500 conditioner.

The entire rig is mounted on a wheeled platform assembly I built that allows me to set up the whole shebang (tech term?) backstage and then just roll it into place when it''s our turn to play. (Detroit is notorious for booking 5-7 bands in a night with 15-minute breaks between acts—brutal!) I can be on and off the stage faster than you can say, “Hey, there''s no bass player!”

—Marq Speck of Sweet Crystal
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