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Dig My Rig, November 2012

October 25, 2012

This is my gig rig I use when I’m playing keyboards with the original instrumental progressive rock band Brainstatik, and for my solo ambient PYXL8R performances. It isn’t too complex, but I’ve got a pretty wide range of sounds at my disposal!

Korg M50 synth. The yellow limited edition attracts a lot of attention, and it matches the yellow gaffer’s tape that I use!
Korg MicroX synth. Goes anywhere and sounds great!
MacBook, running patch editors for both synths, as well as NI Kore and Kontakt.
Small Alesis mixer, to submix my outputs for stereo sent to the D888.
Korg D888 multitrack recorder/mixer, which the rest of the band plugs into, and lets me record all of our performances. I mix Brainstatik live on stage during the performance, because we don’t trust house engineers to sort out all the strange sounds that are created onstage.
2 ProCo DIs
2 M-Audio sustain pedals
UPS backup, just in case!

Over the years, I’ve tried to have less gear on stage and, for me, this is the bare minimum. Setup and teardown is pretty quick, which, when playing festivals, has become essential.

Obviously, I love Korg gear; I started that obsession back in 1975 ( just out of high school) with the purchase of a Univox Maxi Korg. It was cool being the only kid on town with an actual synthesizer back then!


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