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Dig My Rig: Synth Rack For Avril Lavigne Tour

May 16, 2013

This is an overhead view of my live rig for the Avrìl Lavigne 2012 “Black Star Tour.” Pictured are: Arturia Origin, Motif XS8, Axiom Pro 61, Wurlitzer A200, Axiom Pro 25 (triggering one-shots), iPad running custom version of Grid Pro designed to control two synced laptops running a redundant backing track rig from onstage.

Left Rack: MacBook Pro 15
Two Mac Minis
Linksys wireless router (connected to two Mac Minis for onscreen control via VNC on iPad, and two Muse Receptors also using VNC to control Receptora via iPad) Furman PL Plus
MOTU 828 MK3s
Radial Sw8
UPS bottom of rack

Right Rack: Yamaha 01V96 (for keyboard submixes)
Two Muse Receptors
Yamaha Motif Rack
Computers were running Ableton Live 8 for track playback as well as soft synth control. Also sending out SMPTE from Ableton to sync to a large video wall in back of the band.


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