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DS Soundware Announces New Sound Collections

May 4, 2004

DS Soundware has announced a number of new sound collections, which are available in EXS24, Halion, and Kontakt formats. (Giga 3.0 support will follow shortly). All of the libraries feature 24-bit, 44.1 KHz audio samples.

The new titles include:

DS Soundware Solo Flute Series (includes C flute, piccolo, and alto flute) $149.00

DS Soundware Solo Bassoon $99.00

DS Soundware Solo Oboe (includes oboe and oboe d'amore) $149.00

DS Soundware English Horn $99.00

DS Soundware Clarinet Series (includes Bb clarinet, Eb

clarinet, and Bb bass clarinet) $149.00

DS Soundware Solo Cello $149.00

DS Soundware Concert Venus Harp $99.00

DS Soundware Chromatic Percussion $299.00

DS Soundware Handbells $99.00

DS Soundware Super Orchestral Cymbals $299.00

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