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EastWest Announces Quantum Leap Spaces

January 12, 2011

EastWest announces Quantum Leap Spaces, a new 24-bit true stereo convolution reverb.

Produced and engineered by Nick Phoenix, Quantum Leap Spaces includes custom impulses taken over the past seven years from around the globe, with a focus on the western United States. Concert halls (including the EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Hall), churches, cathedrals, caverns, recording studios (including EastWest Studios), soundstages, forests, a swimming hall, parking garages, water tanks, a tunnel, vintage plates, and custom digital reverb preset impulses ensure you'll find the right space to fit your needs.

Quantum Leap Spaces includes a high-resolution, true stereo engine that focuses on delivering the best sound at a low CPU load. Most impulses are in 8-channel format to accommodate surround mixes.

Quantum Leap Spaces is available for both Mac and PC for $299. For more information, or to download a trial version (iLok required), visit the Quantum Leap Spaces product page.

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