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February 1, 2001

Sounds Logical WaveWarp 1.2 (Win)We haven't seen many new standalone effects processors this year; most new effects-processing programs are plug-ins. But one program gives new meaning to the term effects processor: Sounds Logical's WaveWarp is not just a standalone effects processor, it's an entire processor-construction kit.

WaveWarp's toolkit includes more than 200 components with which you can build an endless number of signal-processing routines. Not happy with your audio editor's reverb? Build your own with the numerous filters and delays. Looking to recreate that classic Hendrix distortion? Grab one of the many wave shapers. You'll also find phasers, flangers, pitch shifters, and dynamics processors, along with a massive number of analysis tools to keep you informed about what shape your audio is in.

But that's not the end of WaveWarp's capabilities. Here's one of our favorite tricks: you can process live audio so that it plays backward in near-real time. To give your sounds that perfect "splice and dice" effect, load up one of the several sound-file granulators, and you're on your way. We commend Sounds Logical for pricing WaveWarp so reasonably, and we're impressed with the extensive online help the company offers.

Sounds Logical recently released version 2.0, and we can't wait to get our hands on it. WaveWarp may be the last effects software you ever buy.

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