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EM Editor's Note: A Whole Lot Going On

May 12, 2010

When the first issue of Electronic Musician was published in June 1985, it was indeed a different world. There was no World Wide Web, MIDI was just a few years old, the home-studio revolution was in its nascent stages, the Red Sox hadn''t won a World Series since 1918, the Soviet Union had yet to break up, and floppy disks were the main medium for storing personal computer data and applications.

That June ''85 issue of Electronic Musician (which had previously been called Polyphony) featured a piano-playing robot on the cover and was one of two issues to come out that year, before the magazine was bought by Mix Publications and converted to a monthly. Back in those early days, D.I.Y. projects were the main focus of EM, and it even published the code for music-software programs that readers could type manually into their computers. Sounds like fun, huh?

Less tedious is our special anniversary section in this issue. In it you''ll find a retrospective showing a selection of EM covers from over the years (including that first one), which will give you an idea of how the look of the magazine has changed. Also in the section, in the “Tech Page” column, author Scott Wilkinson looks at some of the predictions for future technology that he made in those columns over the years and how they''ve panned out. We''re also proud to present a special column by Michelle Moog-Koussa, the daughter of synth pioneer Bob Moog, in which she talks about her dad''s history and legacy, and how those coincided with developments at Electronic Musician.

While “Tech Page” looked back, our anniversary section concludes by looking forward via a roundtable on the future development of electronic musical instruments. Conducted by former EM editor Gino Robair, it''s a freewheeling conversation with six music-technology luminaries.

But the anniversary coverage is only part of the story this month. We''ve also got some exciting new columns debuting. Our new back-page column, “In the Mix,” is written by Steven Wilson from the prog-rock band Porcupine Tree. Wilson, a strong advocate of home recording, will be offering his perspective regularly on both tech and industry issues. We''re thrilled to have his voice in EM.

Remixing has become a huge part of the music industry, and we''re excited to be debuting the “Remix Clinic” column. It''s written by Vincent di Pasquale, who has remixed songs for such artists as Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, and Madonna. Also launching is “Production Central,” which is written by Ming, aka Aaron Albano, and which will offer tips and advice on studio production issues. Ming, who is formerly from the group Ming+FS, has produced artists such as 33Hz, Toby Lightman, and Big Mike from Amercian Idol. He also produces the In the Studio With Ming video series.

So, indeed, there''s lots going on this month. I hope you enjoy the issue.

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