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EM Links for August 2002

August 1, 2002

Download of the Month:
AtaGirl.mp3,made with Girl, available from

Review: Sound Quest Infinity 2.05
LayerBass.mp3was made in one pass using the layered-bass VSTi.

Quick Pick review: VintageWarmer

Cover Story: Analog Supermodels
MP3 examples of the synths reviewed in our Cover Story for August

KorgElectribe A: The factory Patterns, which can rewritten by theuser, make good use of the instrument’s limited resources.

KorgMS2000: Thanks to the miracle of physical modeling, the MS2000sounds warmer and fatter than some real analog synths I’veplayed.

RedSound Elevata: The 12 dB-per-octave filter sounds a bit thinand anemic.

RolandJP-8080: Descended from the JP-8000 keyboard synth and firstintroduced in 1998, the standalone module focuses firmly on emulatingan analog synthesizer by means of physical modeling, and it does thatvery well.

RolandSH-32: Although many of the timbres are appropriate forthrobbing, in-your-face dance music, others are fine for styles thatare more traditional.

YamahaAN200: The AN200’s analog-modeled architecture is simpleand straightforward, and its sound is warm and fat.

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