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EM News August 2004

September 14, 2004

Product Update - August 31

New products, software updates, and more. . .

Drawmer has introduced the DSL424 TwoPlusTwo Gate/Compressor, which combines a pair of noise gates and two soft/hard knee compressors with variable threshold limiting. The 1U, four-channel device can be configured as four individual processors or as a stereo linked pair of compressor/limiters with a stereo linked pair of gates. The DSL424 has +4 dB XLR analog I/O and 1/4-inch jacks for key inputs.

Edirol is shipping the UA-25 USB audio/MIDI interface (Mac/Win; $295). The device offers mic preamps with phantom power on TRS/XLR combo inputs, balanced +4 dBu analog I/O, digital I/O, and it can accept high-impedance instrument inputs. The Direct Monitoring switch allows you to hear the input signal without latency. The UA-25 also offers a limiter on the analog inputs and supports ASIO 2.0, WDM, and Core Audio.

IK Multimedia has announced the Expansion Tank plug-in sound-module series for SampleTank 2 LE. Over 20 modules of loops and multisamples are available, covering an assortment of instruments and musical styles. To read the EM review of SampleTank 2, click here.

PMI Audio Group is shipping the EC-1 channel strip and the DC-2 dual-channel compressor. MORE.

Prominy has announced the PCP-80 (Mac/Win; $199) sampling library, which features the sounds of the Yamaha CP-80 electric grand piano. The PCP-80 is a 15 GB library of 24-bit, 96 kHz samples for Steinberg HALion, Tascam GigaStudio, Native Instruments Kontakt, and Emagic EXS24.

Recordare has released a Mac OS X version of its Dolet for Finale plug-in. Dolet for Finale 2.0 lets Finale users exchange files with programs that support the MusicXML format, including Sibelius, PhotoScore Professional, and Virtual Composer; and write files that can be read by programs including Igor Engraver and MuseBook Score. In addition, Finale 2004 users can read files created in Finale 2005. Recordare has also released maintenance updates for its Dolet for Finale plug-in for Windows and its Dolet for Sibelius plug-in for Macintosh and Windows.

TOA Electronics has announced the ME Series of reference monitors, which is available in two models. The ME-160 is a 2-way monitor with a 6.3-inch low-frequency driver and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. The ME-120 is a full-range reference monitor with a single 4.7-inch driver. According to the manufacturer, both models offer high power handling, a flat frequency response, and magnetic shielding for AV applications.

Toontrack and EastWest have announced that an Audio Units version of Drumkit from Hell Superior (aka DFH-Superior) is now available as a free download for registered users. Pro Tools users are supported in Mac OS X and Windows through the Re-wire version, which is also downloadable for free.

Wharfedale Pro has announced the DM2.0, a super-cardioid dynamic microphone designed for use in high-SPL situations.

For a sneak preview of hot new products for 2004 and 2005, visit EM's Nashville Summer NAMM 2004 Show Report by Associate Editor Geary Yelton.

Product Update - August 24

New products, software updates, and more. . .

Blue Sky International has introduced MediaDesk, a compact 2.1 monitoring system designed for critical mixing and monitoring in a close-field environment. MORE.

Manifold Labs has announced that PSPaudioware's ProZilla Pack is now available for the standalone plug-in player Plugzilla. MORE.

Version 1.4.7 of the microtonal scale editor Max Magic Microtuner (Mac OS X ) is now available. Besides bug fixes, the upgrade includes a new export format that is compatible with Native Instruments Absynth; an enhanced Multiplier tool; intonation table editing features that allow you to drag-and-drop frequency values within a Microtuner window; and a Panic button that sends an "All Notes Off" message to the QuickTime synth.

NUSofting has announced microrock (Win), a VSTi monophonic synth inspired by "the classic simplicity of an electric bass or guitar through a stack of effects pedals." The synth combines physically modeled oscillators, the company's DynaTone filter, and effects such as distortion, overdrive, wah, chorus, vibrato, and delay. Check NUSofting's Web site for special pricing options and a demo version.

TC Electronic has announced the MD3 Stereo Mastering package (Mac/Win: $995) for PowerCore, which includes production and mastering tools previously available only in the System 6000. MORE.

Native Instruments has created an online user library for registered Absynth 2 users to exchange their own creations. The library includes a category system, searching and sorting functions, a user rating system, and automatic email notification. A special category allows you to conveniently exchange building blocks such as individual oscillator channels, complex envelopes, and effect settings. More information can be found at

Waves has announced the L3 Peak Limiter. MORE.

Wave Arts has announced Windows RTAS support for all of its plug-ins, as well as an overall upgrade to version 4.05. The list of plug-ins includes TrackPlug, MasterVerb, WaveSurround, MultiDynamics, and FinalPlug. The upgrades are free to existing users.

For a sneak preview of hot new products for 2004 and 2005, visit EM's Nashville Summer NAMM 2004 Show Report by Associate Editor Geary Yelton.

Product Update - August 17

New products, software updates, and more. . .

The big news this week is that Avid, Digidesign's parent company, plans to acquire M-Audio. MORE.

Acoustics Systems has released the Tassman FX Pack, which is free for registered Tassman users. The FX Pack is a collection of patches, presets, and performances that takes advantage of the audio input processing capabilities introduced with Tassman 4. MORE., the online extension of the Berklee College of Music, will begin providing courses for college credit in September 2004, and will offer 17 certificate programs in studio production, music theory, songwriting, arranging, electronic music production, and music business. Students can register now for the college-credit courses, which begin on September 20. For more information, visit

Casio has announced the CW-100 Disc Title Printer (Win; $249.95), which allows you to print titles, logos, and graphics on CD and DVD media. MORE.

Drums On Demand Volume 3 ($179.90) is now available in a 24-bit WAV multitrack edition. The 2-DVD, 8 GB library features 1,700 multitrack loops and matching single hits in 25 Song Sets. The library also includes a 2-CD Vol. 3 Stereo Edition of your choice (16-Bit WAV, 24-Bit WAV, REX2, or Apple Loops) for easy previewing, track planning, or for when stereo loops are all you need. The tempo range is from 73 to 188 bpm.

EastWest and Zero-G have announced two new products. Akoustic Bass Hitz (Mac/Win; $99.95) is a DVD-ROM featuring over 1.5 GB of samples by acoustic bassist Chip Jackson. Sounds of the 70s is a virtual sound module that uses the Native Instruments Intakt player. MORE.

H. G. Fortune has announced X-Wheel of Fortune 1.1 (Win), a freeware VSTi pattern-based algorithmic music generator. It features three editable synth parts -- bass, solo, and pad -- and one percussion part. The synths can load standard WAV files, and each one includes tune, pan, and volume controls.

Roland has announced MusicForLife, a new Web site that focuses on senior citizens and music-making. The site will include class information, songs of the month, and a free monthly newsletter.

For a sneak preview of hot new products for 2004 and 2005, visit EM's Nashville Summer NAMM 2004 Show Report by Associate Editor Geary Yelton.

Product Update - August 10
New products, software updates, and more. . .

For a sneak preview of hot new products for 2004 and 2005, visit EM's Nashville Summer NAMM 2004 Show Report by Associate Editor Geary Yelton.

Groovebox Corp is offering Pro Tools online video training (Mac/Win) for beginning and intermediate users.

Monster Power has released the Monster Pro Power 7000 ($1,499.95) rack-mountable power conditioner. The device includes a digital meter showing all functions and power fluctuations, an 8-foot cable, a 24k gold-plated grounded plug for maximum conductivity, and switched and unswitched outlets.

MOTU is shipping the MX4 (Mac) virtual instrument for Digital Performer (MAS), Pro Tools (RTAS), and other Mac OS X audio hosts (Audio Units). The release includes several features not previously announced, such as built-in effects, external audio input, a unison multiplier, and parameter randomization options.

Rolls Corporation has released the MX152 MixMate ($130), a 1/2U mixer that can handle two microphones and three stereo inputs. MORE.

Royer Labs is shipping the SF-24 phantom-powered stereo ribbon microphone. According to the manufacturer, it has a sensitivity similar to phantom powered condenser microphones, allowing the SF-24 to be used with nearly any preamplifier. MORE.

URS (Unique Recording Software) has announced the Everything Bundle 3.0 (Mac/Win: $2,299.99 TDM; $1,149.99 native), which includes the URS FullTec Program EQ that is designed to map to the Digideaign Icon D-Control Master EQ section. MORE.

VirSyn has released Cantor 1.02 (Mac/Win). The update includes new factory phoneme sets with better intelligibility, new example projects and voice presets, a host of new Copy and Paste features, and a number of bug fixes. Demo versions are available online.

Zoom has introduced the MRS-8, a compact 8-track digital recorder featuring programmable drum and bass synths, sampled drum sounds, touch-sensitive pads, multieffects, and editing capabilities. The device is roughly the size of a laptop computer and runs on 4 AA batteries or AC power. MORE.

Product Update - August 4
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Applied Research and Technology (ART) is shipping the Alto AMX-series compact mixers, available in 10-, 12-, and 14-channel models (an 18- and 22-channel model will be released later this year). MORE.

Daking is shipping the Mic-Pre IV ($2,895), which houses four Class A preamps in a single rack space. MORE.

Kirk Hunter has announced Concert Strings/Brass/Winds ($995, for GigaStudio 2.54, which features musicians recorded in their onstage, seated positions using close and distant microphones. MORE.

Maxx Claster has released version 1.1 of the eJ FM synthesizer (Win: $49), a VSTi that comes with a library of 450 presets. MORE.

Primera Technology has announced the Signature Z1 ($139.95) CD/DVD printer that prints directly onto CD-Rs and DVD±Rs with waterproof thermal-transfer ink. Up to four separate areas of the disc can be printed with the Signature Z1. MORE.

Roland is shipping the SP-606 sampling workstation, which can be used as a standalone sampler or as a USB interface for the bundled Cakewalk P606 (Win) software. The SP-606 includes an 8-voice sampling engine, built-in analog and digital stereo inputs, a CompactFlash card slot, and the ability to do drag-and-drop WAV and AIFF file exchanges over USB. The device also offers bpm sync and an internal 4-track MIDI sequencer.

Rolls has released the RM82 Mic/Line Mixer ($300), an 8-channel microphone and line mixer in a single rack space. MORE.

Wave Arts has announced MultiDynamics ($149.95) and the Power Suite bundle ($499.95). MultiDynamics is a multi-band dynamics processor for mastering, noise reduction, volume maximization, and de-essing. MORE.

Check out EM's Special Report on Roland. In it, you will find the articles Killer Drum Grooves by Julian Colbeck and Sample Solutions by Jim Aikin, as well as interesting information about Roland products.

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