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EM News February 2004

February 12, 2004

Product Update- February 24
New products, software updates, and more. . .

BIAS has announced special upgrade pricing to the professional editionof its waveform editor, Peak 4 (Mac). This major upgrade offers anupdated GUI as well as a host of new features. MORE

DASHsignature has gone live with a new site called Dash Workstation,or The site offers a VSTi subscription system, among otherfeatures. MORE

Digidesign has is offering free downloads of seven BombFactory plug-ins at These include the BF76 and the BFEssentials collection. MORE

Karma Lab has released version 1.2.1 of its KARMA MW and KARMATriton (Mac/Win) software applications, which allow owners of KorgKarma and Triton-series products to generate new phrases, grooves, andmusical effects. MORE

Open Labs has begun shipping the OpenSynth neKo64 open-platformkeyboard workstation, which combines an AMD Opteron-based PC, with atouch screen, four controller pods, and a keyboard. MORE

Stanton Magnetics and Native Instruments have released TraktorFinalScratch 1.5 for Windows 2000/XP. The manufacturers say that amajor new feature of version 1.5 is the Key Correct function, whichallows DJs to change tempo while preserving the original pitch of thetrack. This is done using the time-stretching algorithms from TraktorDJ Studio 2.5. For more information, visit

Tascam has announced upgrade pricing for its GigaStudio3 (Win) software sampling workstation. MORE

Wave Arts has announced WaveSurround Pro version 4 (Mac/Win), aspatial enhancer that uses sophisticated binaural processing andcrosstalk-cancelling technology to create virtual speakers around thelistener. MORE

Wizoo, the developer of Steinberg's Hypersonic virtual musicworkstation, has unveiled three additional software instruments, calledHyper Modules. MORE

Yamaha has introduced the i88X, an mLAN-based audio andMIDI interface that features two mic inputs and six line inputs withA/D converters that support 24-bit, 96 kHz audio. MORE

Get the most out of MIDI. Check out Marty Cutler's AllOver the Map in the EM archive.

Product Update - February17
Newproducts, software updates, and more. . .

Boss has begun shipping the BR-1600CD Digital RecordingStudio. The BR-1600CD can record eight inputs simultaneously and offerseight phantom-powered XLR inputs. MORE

CamelAudio has released version 1.2 of its "additive remorphingsynthesizer," Cameleon 5000 (Mac/Win: VSTi/AU). The new featuresinclude the ability to import BMP images; improved sound quality,interface, and reverb algorithms; improved morph timelinefunctionality, with an added morph X/Y editor; and a larger presetlibrary, with over 600 presets. For more information, visit

ClearSonic has announced the Sorber S5-2Lfree-standing acoustic absorption panel. The panel, which measures24-inches x 66-inches x 1.6-inches, is made from two sections ofcompressed fiberglass inserted into a heavy-duty cloth case. A panelwith a height of 44-inches, the S4-2, is also available. The panelshave handles so they can be easily carried. Check out formore information.

Furman Sound has introduced four new products: therackmountable SB-1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply, and the PowerFactorPro, PL-8, and PL-Plus Series II power conditioners. MORE

PrimeraTechnology has Introduced the Bravo II Disc Publisher (Mac/Win), whichimproves on the features of the original Bravo Disc Publisher. Like theoriginal, the Bravo II Disc Publisher can automatically duplicate andprint up to 25 CDs or DVDs at a time. (In Kiosk mode, it has a 50-disccapacity.) MORE

RME hasannounced the RPM, a portable 5-input audio/MIDI interface that letsyou connect two turntables or two line-level sources and a microphoneto any computer. You can assign the five inputs and up to 12computer-playback channels to two separate stereo outputs and adedicated headphone out. MORE

Rycotehas gone live with its Microphone Data Web site, which offersspecification sheets for more than 1000 microphones by 80manufacturers. Besides a photo and description of each mic, the siteincludes a frequency response graph, a list of accessories, and aprinter friendly version of the specs for downloading. You can also doa side-by-side comparison of two mics from each manufacturer and visitthe library of articles on mic-related subjects. Although you have toregister to use the site, it's free.

Wizoohas announced Electric Basses for Steinberg HALion and Emagic EXS24.The sound collections are built around samples of a Musicman Stingrayand Fender Precision bass. MORE

Ifyou're interested in algorithmic composition, check out Dennis Miller'sarticle on the subject, Game of Chance.

And ifyou haven't seen it yet, check out our sneak preview of the hot newproducts for 2004. Visit EM's Winter NAMM Show Report by Senior Editor MikeLevine.

Product Update - February10
New products, softwareupdates, and more. . .

If you haven't seen our sneak preview of the hot products for 2004,visit EM's
Winter NAMM Show Report by Senior Editor MikeLevine.

AccessMusic has a number of new announcements, including Virus PowerCore(Mac/Win; VST, AU), a new OS for Virus B-series instruments, and a freeloop collection for Apple's GarageBand. MORE

Bag Endhas introduced two new pro-level powered subwoofers for the studio: theINFRAsub-18 Pro and INFRAsub-12 Pro have an 18-inch speaker and 12-inchspeaker, respectively. The pro models offer control abilities forsurround monitoring applications that were not available on thehome-theater models. Also announced is the INFRA-MX2. MORE

Big FishAudio has announced two new releases. Click is for fans of glitch-styleelectronica. Electro Magnetic Pulse offers a large palette of processedelectronic sounds. MORE has released a number of important updatesto its VST instruments, including daAlfa2k, EVE, theAbstractGuitar,TubiLeSax, and EMM Knagalis. MORE has released SpectrumWorx (Win, $99), a"spectral modular" plug-in offering frequency domain processing (with aresolution of up to 2048 bands) and "phase vocode'' domain processing.The plug-in has the ability to accept four inputs and includes alibrary of preset processing modules. A demo version is available at

DigitalAudio Wave has announced the DAWin-64M, a specialized multimediacomputer system powered by a 32- and 64-bit-capable AMD Athlon 64processor for desktop replacement (DTR) notebooks. MORE

Drums OnDemand has announced Volume 2 ($49.95) of its "live session-drummerloops," available as 24- and 16-bit Acidized WAV files. The newcollection includes nearly 800 royalty-free loops in 35 Songs Sets. MORE

Eventidehas begun shipping its Reverb and Octavox Harmonizer plug-ins forMac-based Pro Tools systems (version 5.1.3 or higher). The plug-ins arebased on Eventide's Orville digital audio effects processor and supporta number of hardware controllers. MORE

Fat Ass is offering Edge(Win VST; freeware), a subharmonic synth. According to themanufacturer, Edge "doesn't just boost the bass or shape the lowerfrequencies. It takes the input signal and creates a bass signal" oneor two octaves lower than the original.

Patchman Musichas released EWV2000 Volume 2 ($50), its second sound bank for the AkaiEWV2000 wind-controller sound module. The collection, dedicated to theanalog synthesizer, includes 64 analog-style sounds. Complete details,as well as an MP3 audio demo, can be found here.

You'veprobably amassed a collection of audio files packed with loops of alltypes. The trouble is, unless you created them yourself, everyone elsehas the same loops. Len Sasso offers tips on taking your sound files toa new level in Creative Looping.

Product Update - February 3, 2004
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Want a sneak preview of the hot products for 2004? Check out EM's Winter NAMM Show Report by Senior Editor MikeLevine.

DiscreteDrums has announced the release of Earthbeat, an 8-CD sample setfeaturing integrated multitrack drum and percussion performances. Thedrums and percussion are on 16 discrete tracks, which allows for a widevariety of processing and mixing possibilities. MORE

KidNepro has released the Motif Sound Series Vol 3 - Killer Keyboards. Thecollection focuses on electric and acoustic pianos, jazz and rockorgans, pipe organs, Clavinets, harpsichords, and layered keyboardsounds mixed with strings, pads, choirs and brass. Killer Keyboardscomes with 128 Programs and is compatible with all Motif instruments,including the Motif 6, Motif 7, Motif 8, Motif Rack, Motif ES-series,and S90. Kid Nepro has sound lists and MP3 demos on its Web site.

TheLitter Power version 1.5 Starter Pack (Win XP) is a comprehensivecollection of random-number generators and noise sources for Cycling'74's Max/MSP. The Starter Pack includes objects for getting aBernoulli, Brownian, Gaussian, Uniform, or Linear distribution ofrandom numbers. Other features include Cartesian-to-polar conversion, IChing, Brown and chaotic noise, a chaos--based population growth model,statistics, time-domain signal mutation, and scale and map floats andintegers, among many other objects. The Litter Power Starter Pack is a1.4 MB download that is available for free by clicking here.

ModernBeats.comoffers Hip Hop-specific downloadable sound libraries for NativeInstruments Kontakt and Battery, Steinberg Halion, PropellerheadReason's NN-XT, and Emagic EXS24. They also offer collections ofstandard WAV files. In addition, the company plans to release a line ofVST plug-ins for Steinberg Cubase and Cakewalk Sonar, among otherprograms. This is a site worth keeping an eye on.

Novationhas announced the ReMote 49 and ReMote 61, 4- and 5-octave versions ofits ReMote USB keyboard controller, respectively . The ReMotecontrollers can also be used as standalone MIDI controllers. MORE

RML Labs hasannounced SAWStudio Basic (Win), which the company describes as a "spindown" of SAWStudioLite and SAWStudio. SAWStudio Basic offers 24 tracks,with 16 mono or 8 stereo inputs and outputs. Visit the company's Website to see the massive chart comparing the features of the threeversions of SAWStudio. A downloadable demo is alsoavailable.

Reasonfreaks.comis a meeting place for -- you guessed it --- Propellerhead Reasonusers. The site includes news items, a forum, an FAQ, and downloadablesounds, among other interesting items. Click here to read a review of Propellerhead Reason 2.0.To read the EM Master Class on Reason 2.0, click here. is offering Russian Ethnic Sounds (WAV), a samplecollection of "real Russian vocal patterns." The library includes over800 samples, grouped into a number of categories. The Vocal Patterns,Voice Phrases, Old Women Vocals, and Old Women Phrases categories areself-explanatory. The Naa Ree Naa, Nai Nai, and Oi Lyu Lee categoriesare based on the traditional vocal patterns used in Russian folk songs.Other categories include OOh AAh EEh, Hops, Melodic Screams, Whistle,and Birch Bark, which are described as vocal effects. The manufacturersays the samples were "recorded in one of the oldest Russian provinces,where you still can here the breathing of ancient Russia."

Shirokuma has released Notre Dame de Budapest PipeOrgan Samples (aka NDB) for Tascam GigaStudio. The sample library wascreated from the pipe organs of two Hungarian cathedrals: the NotreDame de Buda and the Notre Dame de Kispest. MORE

Ifyou're considering a preconfigured computer for creating music, checkout the article "Musical PCs" in EM's online archive.

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