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EM Spotlight February 2003

February 12, 2003

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features, reviews,and artist interviews from the pages of Electronic Musician.



(December 2002)

If you're dealing with a more modest rig, templates can helpautomate the startup process so that when your gear fires up, it's allready to go. Here are some strategies for setting up sequencertemplates.

DemosThat Deliver

(April 2002)

EM asks top decision makers — producers, record-label A&Rreps, and music publishers — what they want to hear in ademo.


ProFile:Sweet Soul Music (Remy Shand)

(August 2002)

Motown artist Remy Shand resists the "neosoul" label that is oftenassociated with his music. "I grew up on Miles Davis and a lot of jazzfusion, as well as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder... It's weird to beput into this whole neosoul category, because I didn't make a hip-hoprecord....

ProFile: Virtual-Orchestra Maestro (Jerry Gerber)

(December 2002)

While manipulating digital audio is all the rage among manyelectronic musicians, San Francisco — based composer Jerry Gerberis excited about the possibilities of MIDI. "Making music withelectricity is just another extension of humankind's desire to maketools and make music with those tools...



(December 2002)

Mark of the Unicorn has taken the 828 to another level with the 896,adding high sampling rates, deluxe metering, eight mic preamps,professional connectors, switchable and trimmed levels, and built-insampling-rate conversion.


(October 2002)

It's hard to describe Behringer's new DDX3216 digital mixer withoutsounding like an infomercial. A potential 32 simultaneously availableinputs, 4 internal effects processors, full dynamic and snapshotautomation, and a total of 17 ALPS 100 mm motorized faders... all on amixer that costs less than $2,000.

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