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EM spotlight January 2003

December 1, 2002

Each month, we spotlight an assortment of special features, reviews,and artist interviews from the pages of Electronic Musician.


Shell Game

(August 2002)

One of the most revolutionary developments in computer-based musicproduction is the proliferation of virtual electronic instruments— synthesizers...

Bands Without Borders

(October 2002)

From the moment that modems and MIDI sequencers came into being,musicians have tried to collaborate remotely by exchanging files fromcomputer to computer...


ProFile: Cause and Effects (Tyondai Braxton)

(November 2002)

Brooklyn resident Tyondai Braxton expresses his art in variedcontexts and mediums. Most recently, Braxton — son ofexperimental multireedist and...

ProFile: Funky Good Time (the Savalas Brothers)

(October 2002)

Tim Ramenofsky (aka Headfridge) and Gerrit Brusse (aka King Leisure)began their musical partnership in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It wasthere that Ramenofsky...


Novation K-Station

(November 2002)

You can't beat portability. The other day, I tossed a NovationK-Station into a duffel bag, drove to a friend's studio, and poured outcolossal bass lines...

Tascam DM-24

(October 2002)

Although digital audio workstations and standalone digital mixersboth offer advantages, there are several good reasons to use astandalone digital mixer...

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