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EM Web Clips for April 2003

March 13, 2003

Cover Story: Going Wild - Field Recording


- web sites and contact info for those interested in learning more about the Hydrophone.
MP3 Clip - A brief excerpt of Bernie Krause's recording of a cottonwood tree.

Antares Kantos MP3s
Kantos vocal - A demented Leslie-ish patch processing a vocal.
Kantos bass - A bass phrase followed by Kantos' attempt to track it.
Kantos k_sn - Highly compressed mix of kick and snare processed through Kantos with some tempo-locked modulation.

REFX VSTi Plug-Ins (Mac/Win)
MP3 Clip - MrMorse was recorded in one pass using four reFX synths: QuadraSID, Beast, PlastiCZ, and Slayer.

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