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EM Web Clips for April 2004

March 17, 2004

ABLETON Live 3.0 (Mac/Win) (p. 90)

Looking for web clips from a different issue of Electronic Musician magazine? You can find an archive of web clips from previous issues of EM magazine here.

Web Clip 1
On ResoDrum, Sample Offset and Volume automation are applied to a 1-bar drum loop, which is then processed by Live’s new Resonators effect.

DESKTOP MUSICIAN: Playing with Pd (p. 76)

Web Clip 1
This is a real-time processor for Control Change data. It allows you to scale and range-limit both the input and output values. For instance, you could tell it to respond to CC 2 values between 12 and 90 and map them to CC 17 with values between 127 and 72, thus inverting the output as well as scaling it.

Web Clip 2
This is a sort of “sideways” step sequencer. Instead of having a fixed row of steps and letting you define distinct data output values for steps 1, 2, and so forth, it has an independent bank of eight “step” values, each of which can be triggered on any combination of rhythm steps. This makes the sequencer polyphonic and lets you create interesting rhythms more easily.

Web Clip 3
This is a four-stage MIDI note transposer, rechannelizer, and delay line. When the delay values of all four stages are zero, the output will be a chord of some variety. When the delay values are non-zero, the algorithm becomes a one-shot arpeggiator: each input note will trigger an entire four-note arpeggio.

DOWNLOAD OF THE MONTH: Ambience (p. 22)

Web Clip 1
Gating is gradually increased for a very wet percussion loop to bring out the original rhythm. Note that the reverb time and amount are not changed throughout the clip.

IK MULTIMEDIA SampleTank 2 (Mac/Win) (p. 106)

Web Clip 1
When I applied Stretch to one sample of a synthesized sax note, I could play it over the entire keyboard with no undesirable artifacts.

Web Clip 2
Stretch was less successful with pitched loops. Here you hear the original loop, and then the same loop with Stretch applied. Note the odd thumps and stereo panning that weren’t in the original.

Web Clip 3
Here you hear a simple groove thrown together using a drum loop and stock piano, organ, bass, and guitar sounds.

Web Clip 4
SampleTank 2 provides a nice assortment of drum and percussion loops. Here I linked a series of loops from the Oriental Drums, Udu Drums, Congas, and Ambient-Dub Presets.

DISCOVERY FIRM Bom Dia Brazil (p. 127)

Web Clip 1
Several baiao loops proved to be just the ticket for this Latin-flavored tune. All drums and additional percussion loops come from Bom Dia Brazil; the guitars and bass are MIDI guitar tracks triggering MOTU’s MachFive sampler. (© 2003 Marty Cutler)


The following four examples were played on a Fernandes Native guitar into a Vox ToneLab, and recorded direct through a Metric Halo Mobile I/O interface into Logic Audio 6.3 on a Macintosh G5.

Web Clip 1
Here's the ToneLab's blackface Fender Twin emulation.

Web Clip 2
This example showcases the ToneLab's Marshall Plexi model.

Web Clip 3
ToneLab's Vox AC30 model is demonstrated in this example.

Web Clip 4
Here's the ToneLab's Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier emulation.

Click here to view ToneLab settings for each clip above.

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