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EM Web Clips for August 2004

July 21, 2004

ARTURIA Minimoog V (Mac/Win)

Looking for web clips from a different issue of Electronic Musician magazine? You can find an archive of web clips from previous issues of EM magazine here.

Web Clip 1
Minimoog V’s delay effect offers so much delay time that you can produce practically endless echoes. In this example, I’ve layered a synth voice with itself and recorded the results in a single pass. (Back in the pre-digital days, I needed two tape recorders spaced several feet apart to accomplish the same trick.)

Web Clip 2
Minimoog V includes a large library of realistic analog sounds. Here’s an excerpt from a song I originally recorded on a real Minimoog back in the ’80s. This time around, every track is a separate instance of the Minimoog V. I added no effects other than what the factory programs included.

Download of the Month

Web Clip 1
Here is an example of a guitar lick mangled by Expert Sleepers’ Audio Units plug-in Augustus Loop, which emulates a tape-delay.

LINPLUG RMIV 4.05 (Mac/Win)

Web Clip 1
Among the many sampled drum sounds that come with RMIV are a good number of TR-707, TR-808, and TR-909 kits. This clip features "808 Kit 2."

Web Clip 2
This clip showcases RMIV’s sampled Tama ArtStar kit.

Web Clip 3
This clip features a synthesized kit called PL_RoughOne. The synthesis algorithm called Plop generates the percussive sound that changes in pitch. Using the Easy Controller Setup (ECS) function, I assigned an external controller to the Plop sound’s Body-Range parameter and then recorded my control changes into the sequence to cause the pitch change.

Master Class: The Joy of SX

Web Clip 1
This file contains a hand percussion loop that was created by Bashiri Johnson for his Supreme Beats collection.

Web Clip 2
This file contains a percusson groove called "Rump Roast" from Spectrasonics Stylus. At the request of Spectrasonics, I added a little low-level bass so that the groove couldn't be "borrowed."

Web Clip 3
This file shows what the hand percussion loop sounds like after being quantized to the Stylus percussion loop.

Web Clip 4
This file combines the Rump Roast groove with the Bashiri Johnson loop, but without quantization. Note the slightly sloppy, uncoordinated groove.

Web Clip 5
In this file, the two grooves are mixed, but theloop has been quantized to the Stylus beat.

Web Clip 6
This is the MIDI file used by Stylus to perform the groove.

ZERO-G Vocaloid 1.02 Leon and Lola (Win)

Web Clip 1
This is an example of a low-pitched, four-note cluster with resonance on each voice.

Web Clip 2
This example uses randomly generated MIDI notes. Reverb was added after rendering.

Web Clip 3
This example uses a four-note cluster in the middle register. Each note has a unique resonance and crescendo value. The resulting audio was time-stretched to four times its length using granular time-stretching in CDP’S Grainmill.




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