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EM Web Clips for May 2004

April 21, 2004

FXPANSION BFD 1.07 (Mac/Win) (p. 128)

Looking for web clips from a different issue of Electronic Musician magazine? You can find an archive of web clips from previous issues of EM magazine here.

Web Clip 1
BFD lets you mix and match the components that make up the drum kit. For this groove, I used BFD’s Pearl B kit and swapped the Pearl Masterworks snare for a Premier 14-by-6-inch wooden snare.

KORG TONEWORKS Ampworks (p. 124)

The following clips demonstrate a few of the tones available on the Korg ToneWorks Ampworks processor. They were recorded direct from an ESP 400 Strat into Ampworks and then out of its stereo output into Digital Performer. All reverb is from Ampworks.

Web Clip 1
This uses Ampworks’ BLK212 preset, which is a model of a Fender blackface Twin.

Web Clip 2
Modeled on a Dumble Overdrive Special (clean channel), this setting features the BTQCLN model through a 4x12 cabinet.

Web Clip 3
This sound is a model of a Vox AC15 as it would sound through a 1x12 Vox cabinet.

Web Clip 4
This sound is based on a late-model Marshall through a 4x12 cabinet.

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