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Eventide Ships Reverb and Octavox Harmonizer

February 9, 2004

Eventide has begun shipping its Reverb ($695) and Octavox Harmonizer($595) plug-ins for Mac-based Pro Tools systems (version 5.1.3 orhigher). The plug-ins are based on Eventide's Orville digital audioeffects processor.

Octavox, based on the multi-voice pitch shifter in the Orville,allows users to create stacked harmonies and wide choirs locked to thetempo of the session. The GUI contains everything needed to load, edit,and save a preset, and it provides musical control of the pitch anddelays using the Notation Grid.

The Notation Grid shows pitches on a traditional music staff with aquantized beat-grid superimposed for placing notes over time. While thestandard Pro Tools Save and Recall features are supported,Eventide’s snapshot feature provides an intuitive way to captureor recall parameter settings with a single mouse click. A randomizer isincluded, which can be used to simulate the natural character of eightindividual sound sources or for more exotic applications.

The Reverb plug-in includes halls, chambers, plates, rooms, ambience,and lo-fi effects. Each type offers 3-band stereo parametric EQ beforeand after the reverb effect, a Contour control for tone shaping, a pairof delay lines with filters, and a compressor. Reverb's GUI places allof the tools in a single window. Like Octavox, Reverb includes thesnapshot function.

These Eventide plug-ins support a number of hardware controllers,including the Digidesign ProControl and Control24, and the Mackie HUI.For mere information, visit ( Visit EM's online archiveto read a review of the Eventide Orville by clicking here.

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