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FabFilter Releases Timeless 2 Delay Plug-in

May 27, 2009
FabFilter Timeless 2 user interface

FabFilter has released version 2 of the FabFilter Timeless (Mac/Win; EUR 99) delay plug-in, with new features such as mid/side processing, unlimited modulation possibilities, a simplified interface, over 300 factory presets and more.

The plug-in's 2 modeled delay lines, 2 multi-mode filters with 11 different filter characteristics, comprehensive feedback options and creative features such as phase inversion, freeze and mid/side processing, allow you to modulate almost any setting by a wide range of modulation sources, from XY controllers and programmable step sequencers to any type of MIDI data. Use Timeless 2 to create basic stereo delays, sound-mangling effects, scratching, chorus, echo, flanger, phasing and other effects. Its drag-and-drop modulation system allows you to modulate just about any setting with the following modulation sources: up to 4 XY controllers, up to 6 XLFOs, up to 6 envelope generators with graphic controllers, up to 4 envelope followers, or up to 10 MIDI sources.

To learn more about FabFilter Timeless 2, visit

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