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Frontier Design Group iShred

August 19, 2009

Guitarists and non-guitarists alike will love iShred (V. 1.41, Frontier Design Group; $4.99). It turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a cool-sounding virtual electric guitar that you play somewhat like an autoharp. Buttons on the top let you choose chords or scales from a collection of classic songs (e.g., “Highway to Hell,” “Godzilla”), and you strum or tap the virtual guitar strings and play away. Depending on the song you've loaded, you get either a clean or distorted sound. You can add a bunch of nifty virtual stompbox effects, too. Frontier also makes Guitar (V. 1.4.1, $3.99), which has a similar interface but with acoustic guitar samples.


Effects include Adrenaline, HK-2000, Hot Fuzz, Kompressor, Q-36 Space Modulator, Sybil, Trembler, Wahsabi and Amp Simulator
Version 1.3 and later includes AirPlay, with which you can listen to shared songs from other iShred or Guitar users worldwide
High-fidelity guitar samples
Eight effects pedals
Overdriven amp simulator
More than 2,000 built-in chords, scales and fret positions

Built-in recorder
Undo/redo, tap tempo, metronome functions

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