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Gadget Geek Holiday Hit List

December 1, 2011

Beep-It Optical Theremin
Why wave your arms around when you can make interesting noises just by flipping on some lights? Plus, a real Theremin doesn''t have a mysterious Big Red Button.

Marshall Mini Guitar Amp
This 6"-high amp features tone and volume controls, runs on a 9V battery, and includes a belt hip for shredding on the go. Perfect for gigs on the Spinal Tap Stonehenge set.

Synthesizer T-Shirt
Hands-on interactive fashion! This playable shirt features five sample sounds and 8-voice polyphony. Also available: interactive drum, guitar, and “t-qualizer” versions.

DIY Music Box
For the decidedly non-electronic musician, this hand-crank music box kit comes with paper strips and hole punch so you can create charming, old-timey versions of your songs. Or your favorite Tool song. Or “The Thong Song.” The possibilities are endless….

Thingamagoop 2
A noisy, light-controlled analog+digital synth that doubles as a cute, pet-like object? Yes, please! Pick up an assembled version, or get the DIY kit for your obsessive circuit-bending friends.
Kit version: $100,

Cymbal Mouse Pad
Rock out your workstation with this Zildjian A Series splash cymbal-replica mouse pad, designed as a tribute to a company that''s been around since 1623—a lot longer than your computer.
$10.99,, music retailers

Soundwagon Record Player
For your hipster friends who think they discovered vinyl: the “world''s smallest” (and arguably, cutest) record player. Listen to music through the tiny rooftop speaker while the little bus takes a road trip around your LP.

The Rolling Stone Years
This gorgeous coffee table book from Baron Wolman, Rolling Stone''s first chief photographer (1967-1970) is filled with what the magazine calls “some of the most memorable unguarded images of the era.”
$37.50, various booksellers

Guitar String Jewelry for a Cause
Buy WearYourMusic''s custom-crafted bracelets made with guitar strings once played by artists ranging from Carlos Santana to Eric Clapton and profits will be donated to that artist''s charity of choice.

$100 and up,

Drumstick Pencils
Why? Because a), they''d make the coolest Secret Santa gift ever, and b), you can''t doodle during meetings with real drumsticks.

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