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September 2, 2005

The Heil PR40 sounds very close to the EV but it is about half the price of a used one. I used the PR40 outside the front head of a kick drum. Sounded exactly like what I thought the RE20 would sound like. Cool. The Heil PR40 doesn’t have the same little 85–95Hz bump that the other one has, but I generally notch a little of that out anyway. I tried the PR40 on everything from acoustic guitar, male vocals, a hi-hat, some male narration, a snare drum, and a piano. You know, it worked pretty well on everything — kind of the same way that a SM57 works OK on almost everything. I really liked it on the narration — it sounded very “broadcasty” and radio announcer-like. And it sounded pretty good on the snare. Also great on the bass amp. It sounded like one of those Beyer Dynamics. I like this mic — it is the affordable RE20 replacement. It comes in a nice wooden box with a stand clip. The mic is very sturdily built.

The frequency response is from 28Hz and stays perfectly flat to 18kHz with mid-range rise that gives it great natural articulation for VO and broadcast. Apparently all the HAM radio guys really dig this mic. If you’re in the market for a truly affordable option, check this one out. A shockmount is going to be available for this model very soon. ($200 street)

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