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IK Multimedia AmpliTube 2 for iPhone

October 28, 2010

AmpliTube 2 for iPhone offers realistic tones and effects, full multitrack recording capabilities and an advanced practice tool. Combined with the iRig interface adapter, AmpliTube 2 for iPhone allows users to play, practice and record anytime and anywhere.

Features include a new built-in 1-track recorder with re-amping feature (free update); new multitrack recorder with four tracks and master FX section with three effects (reverb, EQ and compressor; available as in-app purchase); five new stompbox effects (compressor, reverb, parametric EQ, graphic EQ and limiter; available as in-app purchase); improved sound quality of gear and cabinets with DSP parts derived from AmpliTube 3 and T-RackS 3 for Mac/PC (free update); export recordings and mixes as high-quality WAV audio files or send them by e-mail as MP3s (free update); import songs as backing tracks directly from user iPod library, from iTunes using file sharing or Wi-Fi (free update); new SpeedTrainer allows players to slow down/speed up imported songs without affecting the pitch (free update); up to 50 songs can now be imported (free update); new preset-naming feature (free update); new Setup panel including input and output level controls (free update); and new scrollable menu for easier and faster gear selection in the FX and AMP sections (free update).

A total of up to 16 stompbox effects are now available (delay, fuzz, overdrive, wah, envelope filter, chorus, flanger, phaser, octave, distortion, noise filter, compressor, reverb, parametric EQ, graphic EQ, limiter), five amps with full controls (clean, crunch, lead, metal, bass), five speaker cabinets and two microphones (dynamic and condenser). The sound of the gear and cabinets has also been greatly improved using DSP technology derived directly from AmpliTube 3 for Mac/PC. Additionally, up to 36 “full rig” tone presets can be saved, named and recalled on the fly.

AmpliTube 2 for iPad is currently in development and will be announced shortly. Current iPad-only users are advised to wait for the dedicated version before going ahead with the in-app purchase of the iPhone version.

AmpliTube 2 for iPhone is now available from the iTunes App Store in three versions: AmpliTube (11 stompboxes, five amps and cabinets, two microphones), $19.99; AmpliTube LE (five stompboxes, one amp and cabinet, two microphones), $2.99; and AmpliTube Free (three stompboxes, one amp and cabinet, two microphones), free. Additional gear can be added through in-app purchase of a la carte models with stompboxes costing $2.99 each and amplifiers + cabinets for $4.99 each (available selection depends on the version). The new 4-track recorder with master effects'' section can be added as an in-app purchase for $9.99 in each of the available versions.

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