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Image Line Software Harmless

December 23, 2009

Image Line Software's newest VSTi, Harmless, is a subtractive synthesizer powered by an additive synthesis engine. Harmless has no tabs or hidden controls, with all features clearly visible in helpful color-coded groups. More than 100 parameters, most automatable, are available on the one-page GUI .

The subtractive-additive synthesis process allows the user to create sounds that are either too complicated or impossible to program using traditional subtractive synthesis techniques. In particular, filters and phasers can be assigned unusual shapes/slopes and can even be defined in Hz resolution.

Until the end of 2009, customers are asked to pay only what they think is a fair price for Harmless. The minimum, to cover the transaction fees and handling, has been set at $9 USD, but after that it''s entirely up to customers what they are ready to pay based on the demo and their willingness to support future development.

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