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December 4, 2009

Wizdom Music MorphWiz ($9.99)

There are countless music apps available for Apple''s iOS platform (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad), with more appearing on the iTunes Store every day. But while quantity is not a problem, quality is. Only a miniscule percentage of the music apps out there are even targeted at musicians—most are designed to appeal to consumers, at least on some level, and many are basically toys. Not so with MorphWiz, the app co-developed by Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier. MorphWiz is a touchscreen synthesizer that sounds amazing and is surprisingly easy to play. It also has eye-popping graphics and gives you visual feedback in the form of moving shapes and changing colors to help you as you play it by sliding or tapping your fingers on the screen. It''s a universal app that runs on both the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad, but it''s particular suited to the latter, whose larger screen makes MorphWiz a really playable instrument.

From a sound standpoint, MorphWiz offers a mixture of wave sync and FM synthesis, and sounds rich and full. It offers a diverse collection of presets and a ton of programmability. MorphWiz takes advantage of the iOS'' multitouch interface with great success, and its combination of great sound, ease of use, and originality gave it a win in this category.

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