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iZotope Ozone 4 (Mac/Win) Review (Bonus Material)

May 5, 2009

The spectrum analyzer in Ozone''s paragraphic equalizer module can show both peak and average spectra at once. You can take as many as eight snapshots of the spectra of one or more mixes, name the snapshots, and import and export them as files. This allows you to compare the spectral balance of your favorite mixes to your current mastering results.

Paragraphic equalizer module

Paragraphic equalizer module

Ozone''s correlation meter shows you how far out-of-phase the left and right sides of your mix are. This can alert you that you''re applying too much stereo-image widening or increasing reverb width too much, creating phase problems. The correlation section goes beyond metering, however, allowing you to sum your mix to mono or invert the left or right channel to check for phase problems. You can also switch left and right channels, a great aid for evaluating a mix in an asymmetrical control room. Also provided is a vectorscope, which graphically displays the stereo image of your mix over time and shows clipped samples.

Unlike traditional level meters that show only what your levels are at the moment (peak holds notwithstanding), the Multiband Dynamics module''s level histogram displays a continuous record of your mix''s levels over time. This gives you a better sense of the overall dynamic range of your mix and its fluctuations. Areas at the upper end of the scale that are being processed by a limiter are shown in a different color.

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