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Jasmine Audio Announces Jasmine Audio 1.8

March 2, 2004

Jasmine Audio has announced Jasmine Audio 1.8 (Mac), an audio editor for OS X. The update includes a new interface, flexible import and export features, Help tags, and several bug fixes. The editor supports a variety of files, including MP4/AAC, AIFF, WAV, QuickTime, AVI, System 7, µLaw, and several QuickTime formats. This feature allows you to edit sampling frequency (up to 48 kHz), bit depth, stereo interlacing, and common compression/streaming protocols. Files can be mixed and formatted for use with popular programs such as Apple’s Garage Band or iMovie.

Registered users are eligible for free upgrades to Jasmine 1.8. A free 2-week demo is available, and users who have tried a previous version of Jasmine Audio are eligible for an additional fourteen days to try version 1.8. (

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