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Karma-Lab Releases "Catalyst Volume 1"

April 15, 2009
Catalyst 1 art

Karma-Lab has released "Catalyst Volume 1 - Creativity Xplosion!" ($32), a KARMA-fied combi collection for the Korg M3 and Korg M50.

The Korg M3 version can be loaded directly into the M3 or used with the optional KARMA M3 software, while the M50 version requires the KARMA M50 software package that provides all of the KARMA features of the M3 on the M50.

Each combi is composed of four KARMA Modules and eight fully-voiced scenes, with real-time control via the KARMA Realtime Controls (eight sliders and eight switches) and the other controllers (joystick, ribbon, vector joystick, eight RT sliders/knobs, ribbon, and two switches over joystick). In addition, the M3 and M50's Drum Track (while stored off by default) has been programmed to add an additional percussion or drum element in every combi.

The sound set includes grooves and sonic textures in a variety of styles, ranging from hip-hop, dance, trance, and techno to ambient, jazz, classical, new-age, and world/ethnic.

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